Brussels , Belgium
13 - 14 May 2020
The conference ended on 14 May 2020

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
1st February 2020
Early Bird Deadline
31st March 2020

About OrEx

The summit will bring together Organization, Transformation, Culture, Digital and People ambassadors in order to share their best practices of how to drive an organization towards a high-performance one. Whether it is good governance, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, lean and innovated processes or digital transformation …, embarking on the Organizational Excellence (OrEx) journey proves to be more challenging than ever, especially in an era of highly accessible technologies and digitized business channels


Change management, Design thinking, Human development, Leadership development, Lean management, Organizational change, Workforce agility, Digital strategy, Business strategy, Employee leadership, Customer satisfaction, Human resource management, Organisational agility, Employee engagement, Organisational development

Call for Papers

“In an ever-changing business environment, companies have to work to improve their organizational design so that, as an organization, they are operating efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the competitive advantage will go to the businesses that not only have a command of the fundamental building blocks of process excellence, and systems excellence, but also achieve a level of operational excellence – ensuring the entire organization is in a State of Readiness.

The key to success here is having an organizational design that is built for speed —nimble, capable, and decisive— and investing in talent. Not just hiring and retaining the best, which will be increasingly more difficult as the competition for talent in the talent pool becomes tighter. But investing in those who are already working within your organization so that they can be the best they can be and drive value throughout organizations. After all, you can’t be a high-performance organization without having high-performance teams who are made-up of high-performance individuals.”               Joseph F. PARIS Jr.    

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