IRCEC 2020

International Research Conference on Engineering and Construction 2020

Bayview Beach Resort Penang, Malaysia
11 - 12 July 2020
The conference ended on 12 July 2020

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
4th June 2020
Early Bird Deadline
11th June 2020
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
22nd June 2020

About IRCEC 2020

International Research Conference on Engineering and Construction 2020 (IRCEC 2020) are organizing by Global Academic Excellence (GAE) will be held on 11-12 July 2020 at Bayview Beach Resort Penang, Malaysia.


Construction, Engineering

Call for Papers


* minimum references are 15 (80% from published work)

* minimum 6 pages and maximum 15 pages

* empirical paper

* follow format of full paper - in Microsoft Word format

* presenter only

* submit before 19 June 2020


You are eligible for a discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 3 presenter or more with different paper. If your group comprises of more than 10 people please contact (+60108428094) for a higher percentage on the discount rate.


•    English



1. Advanced Research Design - ISSN: 2289-7984 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyCite, MyJurnal)

2. Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics – ISSN: 2289-7895 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyCite, MyJurnal, Focus)

3. Advanced Research in Materials Science – ISSN: 2289-7992 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyCite, MyJurnal)

4. Advanced Research in Computing and Applications – ISSN: 2462-1927 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyJurnal, Asean Citation Index, MyCite)

5. Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies – ISSN: 2462-1935 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyJurnal, Focus)

6. Advanced Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology – ISSN: 2462-1943 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyJurnal, Focus)

7. Advanced Research in Social and Behavioural Sciences – ISSN: 2462-1951 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyJurnal)

8. Progress in Energy and Environment – ISSN: 2600-7662 (indexed by: Google Scholar, J-Gate, DRJI, MyJurnal)

9. Advanced Research in Engineering Knowledge – ISSN: 2600-8440 (indexed by: Google Scholar, MyJurnal)

10. Advanced Research in Biofuel and Bioenergy – ISSN: 2600-8459 (indexed by: Google Scholar)

11. Advanced Research in Industrial Automation and Cyber-Physical Systems – ISSN: 2637-0263

12. Advanced Vehicle System – ISSN: 2550-2212


1. CFD Letters – ISSN: 2180-1363 (indexed by: SCOPUS, Google Scholar)

2. Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences – ISSN: 2289-7879 (indexed by: MyCite, MyJurnal, Focus, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, J-Gate, DRJI, Asean Citation Index)

Steps for papers to be published in SCOPUS

1. Accepted paper for the conference

2. The paper is further recommended in the review for SCOPUS

3. The author is informed

4. Author pays additional amount as per required by respective SCOPUS's Journal.

5. The paper is sent to respective SCOPUS's Journal for publication

*Note: All publication is subject to correction from authors based on comment of reviewer/editorial board before the papers are published.

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