International Conference on Social Sciences, Business Management, Economics & Engineering Technology 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
25 - 26 January 2019
The conference ended on 26 January 2019

Important Dates

Early Bird Deadline
10th December 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline
10th January 2019
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
10th January 2019


All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book with a ISBN. The full papers will be accepted through a double blind reviewed process and will be published online. The conference invites participation to submit unpublished theoretical, empirical and scientific papers focusing on following tracks. We accept preliminary findings, unfinished papers, project findings, and articles. Oral Presentation Poster Presentation Virtual Presentation Best Paper Award Best Presentation Award Calling Session Moderator Keynote Speaker


Anger, Animal husbandry, Anxiety disorders, Architectural history, Assistive technology, Autism spectrum disorders, Autism spectrum treatment, Automotive engineering, Biomedical engineering, Bipolar disorder, Child abuse and neglect, Classical sociology, Collections, Collective action, Collective intelligence, Collective memory, Colorectal cancer, Computational mechanics, Computer security, Corporate social responsibility, Crowdsourcing, Data security, David hume, Diffusion tensor imaging, Dispute resolution, Eating disorders, Econometrics, Economic crisis, Economy, Electrical and computer engineering, Electronic engineering, Electronics and telecommunications engineering, Energy economics, Enterprise resource planning (erp), Esotericism, Evolutionary economics, Experimental economics, Feminist philosophy, Feminist sociology, Financial economics, Foundation engineering, Genetic engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Human capital, Human development, Human evolution, Human factors, Human memory, Human nature, Human physiology, Human resources, Human rights law, Human trafficking, Human values, Humanistic psychology, Hunter gatherer, Industrial engineering, Macro economics, Online social networks, Political economy, Prosocial behavior, Reaction engineering, Search engine optimisation, Semiconductor engineering, Social activism, Social and cultural anthropology, Social capital, Social class, Social exclusion, Social foundations, Social gerontology, Social housing, Social networking, Social networks, Future of biotechnology in the context of the bioeconomy, Challenges in research on advanced biofuels & bioeconomy, Global scenario of bioeconomy, Bioeconomy, Biohydrogen food vs. fuels debate bioeconomy biofuels market biofuels policy advanced biofuels production of biofuels bioenergy bioenergy applications biomass biogas bioethanol aviation biofuels biorefineries algae biofuels biodiesel, Ec, Econo

Call for Papers

”Creativity & Innovations through R & D”

The conference invites participation to submit unpublished theoretical, empirical and scientific papers focusing on following tracks. We accept preliminary findings, unfinished papers, project findings, and articles 1) MULTIDISCIPLINARY TRACK 2) PHYSICAL & LIFE SCIENCES 3) ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY 4) SOCIAL SCIENCES & HUMANITIES 5) BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

Conference Proceedings

All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book with a ISBN XXX. The full papers will be accepted through a double blind reviewed process and will be published online.

WHY SBMET2019 in Dubai

The top 6 reasons why it is important for you to participate in CONFERENCE LAND 1. Contribute to and learn about the most recent advances in YOUR field SBMET of development, (e.g., preliminary findings, recently collected data, or data that is waiting to be published). This will allow you to present your most up-to- date findings and receive feedback from colleagues, which will help you when you ultimately write up your study.

2. ADVOCATE FOR YOUR SCIENCE Representing your field of interest allows researchers in other disciplines, policy-makers, and the public to become aware of the innovative research being generated in your particular sub field. As scientists, it is important that we share our research findings with people outside our specific discipline to increase the visibility of our research and provide interested individuals with more information.

3. Learn how to talk about your data SBMET provides a way to practice your presentation skills and can help you develop the expertise needed to discuss your research in a clear and meaningful way. Learning how to answer specific questions and present your data to a range of individuals will help you in other endeavors, including future conference presentations, masters or dissertation defenses, and classroom teaching.

4. Contribute to your overall research profile A history of conference presentations will show potential employers that you regularly disseminate your research finding to colleagues as well as keep up-to- date on the cutting-edge research of the field.

5. Meet other researchers in your field and potential contacts for future positions The presentations that you give and attend are likely to be frequented by researchers with similar interests, giving you the opportunity to discuss your research and learn valuable information from people working with similar techniques, populations, or statistics.

6. Future employment or post-doctoral placements Establishing contacts with other scientists will foster friendships with motivated researchers who can be resources for you at any stage of your career. An additional advantage of meeting researchers with common interests is that you may be able to create contacts for future employment or post-doctoral placements, allowing you to learn of available positions sooner than those who wait for advertisements to be posted. Therefore, it is the goal of CONFERENCE LAND to invite original research  to share knowledge, exchange ideas and establish academic relationships.


1) Interdisciplinary research moves beyond simple collaboration and teaming to integrate data, methodologies, perspectives, and concepts from multiple disciplines in order to advance fundamental understanding or to solve real world problems 2) Interdisciplinary research requires either that an individual researcher gains a depth of understanding two or more than one discipline and be fluent in their languages and methodologies, or more frequently that multidisciplinary teams assemble and create a common language and framework for discovery and innovation. 3) Multidisciplinarity has a LOT to offer to early-career scientists in terms of opportunities and excitement.


1) Present your paper before a Global audience- We expect participants from all 5 continents 2) Get connected with influential colleagues who have the same passion 3) Membership opportunities – Session Chair, Reviewer & Scientific Committee 4) Awards – Best Presentation Awards for Masters/ PhD students 5) Presentation support – to first time presenters 6) Certificates of Presentation – awarded to presenters and registered Co-authors 7) Publication of your paper – conference proceedings/journals

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