IEEE International Conference on Informatics, IoT, and Enabling Technologies (ICIoT’20) 2020

Doha, Qatar
2 - 5 February 2020
The conference ended on 05 February 2020

Important Dates

Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
15th November 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline
29th November 2019
Abstract Acceptance Notification
15th December 2019
Early Bird Deadline
10th January 2020

About ICIoT

IEEE International Conference on Informatics, IoT, and Enabling Technologies (ICIoT’20) aims at providing a forum for sharing ideas and new research advances among researchers and practitioners working on state-of-the-art solutions in informatics, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, Internet of Things (IoT), and enabling technologies. ICIoT will be organized by Qatar University, 2-5 February 2020. The current mainstream focus of the conference is related to techniques in e-Health and Telemedicine.


Computer assisted language learning, Computer based learning, Computer networks, Computer security, Computer vision, Electrical and computer engineering, Computer hardware, Theoretical computer science, Intelligent image and signal processing, Biomedical signal and image processing, Signal and image processing, Computer graphics. cryptography and network security. internet of things (iot), Internet of things iot, Enabling technologies and e-health.

Call for Papers

The IEEE International Conference on Informatics, IoT, and Enabling Technologies (ICIoT’20) is the premier event dedicated to the advancement of the science in e-Health Informatics, artificial intelligent, IoT and Enabling Technologies. The main objective of this international event is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in information, artificial intelligent, e-Health and related enabling technologies to share their experience and knowledge with local researchers. The participants will discuss recent trends in these fields and find the best ways to implement them in Qatar to improve the quality of life and health services. The conference is expected to attract renowned researchers as Keynote Speakers, organize training sessions and tutorials, and present recent advances in the field. The conference will make a significant contribution to improving informatics, artificial intelligent, communications, and healthcare systems in the state of Qatar and providing the appropriate technologies to support such goals. Discussions will take place on new systems, artificial intelligent, IoT, e-Health platforms, and technologies.

The conference expected to improve services offered by contributing to the homogenization of informatics, healthcare and medications using enabling technologies, and artificial intelligent. For instance, IoT transforms organizations, with limited services, into a node of an integrated network. The main challenge in telemedicine development in a country consists of creating human capacity in “informatics”, “artificial intelligent”, “technologies”, and in “e-health management”. Even though this conference is an international event, we address the challenges in the state of Qatar. Specially, those related to health, sport and security sectors. In fact, the number of inhabitants in the country is growing monthly due the huge infrastructural improvements of the country (i.e., new port, new stadiums for the world cup, new bridges, new buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.). It is estimated that around 30 thousand new workers enter Doha every month. Therefore, the population is growing fast and is currently estimated at 2.6 million. Health institutions in the country are stretched and may not satisfy the need of all patients in an efficient manner. Thus, this international conference will attract renowned experts from around the world to address some of these challenges and provide some practical solutions. The participants will discuss the implementation of Informatics technologies in Qatar. The conference is expected to contribute to the improvement of quality of services.

This international event will help create new opportunities for scientific exchange and collaborations among researchers of many Qatari institutions (e.g., academic, industry and government) and beyond. It should help establish Qatar as a unique hub for the dissemination of state of the art research in the health field. Qatar is already ideally positioned as a focal point in contemporary media and news production industry. This conference will further enhance Qatar’s position in scientific dissemination of relevant technologies, in particular when applied to healthcare ecosystems.

The conference will also ensure the widest dissemination of knowledge inside Qatar as well as the international research communities. By the end of this conference, we should be able to answer some key questions to help our research community in overcoming some of the above listed challenges, such as: How to develop rich and real-time multimedia services or tools for e-Health Informatics and connected healthcare solutions? Where are the different next generation technologies will be used in connection with e-Health? How networked computing and mobile health technologies can assist with the right patient care at the right time and in the right place? How rich networked multimedia computing can facilitate data representation, storage, analysis and integration for effective smart healthcare solutions? How can smart systems be used to access patients’ data by shared mobile devices? How to use cloud and fog computing to support interoperability of mobile health technology? How to use artificial intelligent to address 2022 world cup?.

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