Happy Homes, Happy Society? The Contribution of domestic life in a time of social changes 2020

LONDON, United Kingdom
12 - 13 November 2020
The conference ended on 13 November 2020

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
30th April 2020
Abstract Acceptance Notification
30th May 2020
Early Bird Deadline
31st May 2020
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
1st September 2020

About HRF2020

The Conference will explore the contribution of domestic life to the happiness of individuals in a time of social changes. What extent does the quality of domestic life (family relationships, environment, technical tools, housing style, artificial intelligence) influence individual and social happiness, in the context of current changes? The conference will be organized into two streams: ‘Happiness linked to activities of the home’, and ‘Housing, connecting and social interaction’. Home Renaissance Foundation welcomes papers from experts, early career and doctoral scholars in a wide range of academic subjects and professional fields.


Smart home, Domestic spaces and families, Urban architecture, Sociology, Home, Architecture, artificial intelligence,, Anthropology, Smart infrastructure • iot (internet of things) for smart cities • smart city buildings and traffic system operations • novel approaches for smart home automation • security, Elder care planning, Intergenerational living

Call for Papers

5th International & Interdisciplinary Conference




The leading question for the conference is ‘to what extent does the quality of domestic life (family relationships, environment, technical tools, housing style) influence individual and social happiness, in the context of current changes?’


Happy Homes, Happy Society? The contribution of domestic life in a time of social changes aims to:

  • Reflect on the transformations of happiness concept
  • Ask ourselves why the economy recently began to be interested in the subject of happiness
  • Point out that the quality of domestic comfort is one of the most important factors influencing human lifestyles, wellbeing and happiness
  • Ask ourselves whether the use of technological innovations is increasing the degree of happiness in family life and study its impact on relationships with previous generations
  • Underline the importance that building, designing and urban planning take into consideration the quality of family life and the opportunity of encounter and mutual assistance
  • Reflect on the link between housework and happiness

Home Renaissance Foundation welcomes descriptive, theoretical, empirical or practical nature papers from experts, early career and doctoral scholars in a wide range of academic subjects and professional fields including Architecture, Economics, Education, History, Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Technology, Human Ecology, Urban Planning to recognize the importance of home lifestyle in building a happy society. Cross disciplinary approaches are encouraged, as well as those papers aimed at suggesting public policies or private actions to improve happiness of the home members and their impact on society.

A list of sample issues for study follows:

Anthropological and Sociological Aspects of Happiness

  • Are happiness and wellbeing the same thing?
  • Measuring individual and social happiness: what are the indicators?
  • Poverty and happiness in the home
  • Home and its role in children’s happiness. Why is this important?
  • The elderly as “creators” of happiness for children and young people

Home automation and wellbeing at home

  • Technology and housework: new solutions for reducing physical and cognitive efforts
  • The quality life of elderly people and systems for home automation: usability and accessibility
  • Dinnertime, family dialogue and mobile phone use
  • The contribution of SMART technologies to make easier (or difficult) happiness in the home
  • Domotics and the right to privacy
  • Children, Internet and happy relationships in family life
  • The digital divide between generations: how to recover the dialogue
  • ICT introduction and the socio-economic inequality among families: a reason for dissatisfaction?

 Architecture and global housing challenges: wellbeing and happiness

  • How to design a happy home: new family needs in a time of social changes
  • Suburbs: ugly and unhappy? A challenge for the urban planners
  • Changes in the concept of comfort in history of the house architecture
  • Be homeless/Have home ownership: the relationship between housing and the satisfied life
  • Happiness in the urban context: fear and trust and happy neighborhood relations
  • Loneliness and the decline of relationships in the “Amazon Age”
  • The Social Street phenomenon: towards common management of public spaces
  • Neighbourhoods as a melting pot: new ways for more fulfilling social interaction

Happiness and housework

  • Interdependency and gratuitousness: psychological and educational outcomes of housework
  • Desperate homemakers? How to work more happily at home
  • The home care as a way for acquiring social skills and as precondition for hospitality
  • Why tidying up can change the domestic life: space, objects, emotions

  • Important dates
  • Conference: 12-13 November 2020
  • Proposal submission deadline: 30 pril 2020, 5:00pm GMT (London Time)

For proposals selected, notification will be sent before 30 May 2020 by Home Renaissance Foundation.

  • Paper submission deadline: 1st September 2020, 5:00pm GMT (London Time)

To ensure that your submission is received and reviewed, please read the guidelines and instructions in the pages that follow carefully and feel free to submit early. The Scientific Committee members will review all submissions before making a final decision. We regret that submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be reviewed.

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