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2 June 2020 - 2 June 2021
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2nd June 2020

About 1Z0-997

1Z0-997 is also called the next level credential for those who have already earned the title of an OCI Architect Associate.

Call for Papers

1Z0-997 is also called the next level credential for those who have already earned the title of an OCI Architect Associate. It needs knowledge to plan, design, operate solutions on OCI, and implement. You should have already earned the Associate level Certification to appear for this certification. You will be happy to know that Oracle 1Z0-997 provides you non-stop career growth. The Oracle 1Z0-997 exam is prepared for candidates who possess strong knowledge of architecting using OCI services. This 1z0-997 exam questions validate mature concepts of OCI services to control infrastructure such as:


  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Data migration
  • Network connectivity
  • Monitoring & data retention
  • Storage
  • Data-bases
Why you go for this certification?

You go through already Oracle certification 1Z0-997 details & introduction. Follow the blog till the end so that you may familiar with this certification and its benefits as well. Oracle 1Z0-997 certification allows you to manage large databases and develop large-scale database applications. Oracle 1Z0-997 offers the following sets of benefits:

  • You will stand out among world-wide cloud professionals by establishing industry capability in world class tech.
  • Evaluate your skills and knowledge on how to create infrastructure solutions.
  • Secure a digital badge for your social media profile.
What kind of exam is this?(1Z0-997 exam overview)

A wise approach to take an exam is to get exam overview first. It is always good to know what exam actually is. Oracle 1Z0-997 exam practice dumps questions pdf are for those who already have title of an OCI Architect Associate. However, you may also know about 1Z0-997 exam details & summary below.

What are prerequisites for Oracle exam 1Z0-997?

For every exam, prerequisites play a vital role. It is better to know whether you are a perfect fit for an exam or not. Since different certification exams have different requirements. If you have the following requirements you can appear on the 1Z0-997 exam.


  • A candidate must design a solution using architectural principles based on customer requirements
  • You should have a strong knowledge of cloud computing concepts
  • You must design and deploy, highly available and reliable applications on OCI
  • You must be able to translate on-premises operations
  • Capable to work with enterprise level.
Preparation details for 1Z0-997 exam?

If you indulge in training courses there are high chances to pass the exam at a first attempt. After this, the second step is to review exam questions. Go thoroughly all details for the exam. Books are the most important step to prepare the exam. You can also download pdf 1Z0-997 exam questions dumps. It will clear your concepts. Last, one of the most magical ways to pass the exam is practice tests. The more you practice the more you learn. DumpsExpert is the best platform to prepare any certification exam. You can pass the exam with the best preparation methods. Once you pass the exam you will get the best opportunities. 1Z0-997 exam questions are not easy to pass if you do not prepare them with all concepts.




Oracle Cloud Certification 1Z0-997 leads to a better understanding of theories and technical aspects of cloud technology. This 1Z0-997 certification arms you to become a better administrator. Achieving OCI does not only acknowledge your skill at work place but also recognize you globally. Oracle certification is a reliable name and familiar globally. It is one of the best certifications known globally. 

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