Petrochemistry & Chemical Engineering

9th International Conference on Petrochemistry & Chemical Engineering 2020

London, United Kingdom
15 - 16 April 2020
The conference ended on 16 April 2020

Important Dates

Early Bird Deadline
22nd October 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline
10th November 2019

About Petrochemistry & Chemical Engineering

Meet leading Petroleum, Oil and Gas Experts, Researchers, Business delegates, Academic professionals, Students, Scientists from societies, associations, and Universities of UK, USA, Rome, Italy, Korea, Japan, Dubai and China to create a Bio based world


Petroleum exploration & field management, Petroleum and petrochemicals, Harmful effects of petrochemicals, Gas and petroleum extraction activities, Safety hazards associated with oil

Call for Papers

Conference Highlights:

Petroleum Exploration & Field Management: Petroleum Exploration is the process of exploring for oil and gas resources in the earth’s sedimentary basins. The process relies on the methodical application of technology by creative geoscientists that leads to viable prospects to drill and the actual drilling of these prospects with exploratory and appraisal wells. Geological prospecting and exploration for oil and gas is a set of industrial and R&D activities for geological study of subsurface resources, identification of promising areas, and discovery of fields, their evaluation and pre-development. The final objective of geological prospecting is preparation of subsurface resources. The main principle of geological prospecting is the comprehensive geological study of subsurface resources when along with oil and gas exploration all associated components petroleum gas and its composition, sulphur, rare metals, etc., possibility and practicality of their production or utilization are investigated; hydrogeological, coal mining, engineering, geological and other studies are performed; natural, climatic, socioeconomic, geological engineering and economic indicator and their changes caused by future field development are analysed.

Petroleum and Petrochemicals, 

Extraction of Petroleum and its By-Products, Enhanced oil recovery

Offshore oil and gas production,

Natural-gas processing,

Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis,

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics,

Mass Transfer as Separation Processes,

Polymer Science and Engineering,

Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering

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