4th USM-International Conference of Social Sciences 2021

Penang, Malaysia
22 - 23 September 2021
24 days since the conference ended

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
31st July 2021
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
31st July 2021

About USM-ICOSS 2021

The 4th USM-ICOSS is organized by the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The main mission of the School of Social Sciences is to promote the advancement of knowledge aimed to understand and facilitate desirable social transformation. This mission is achieved through an extensive programme of research, publication, teaching and intellectual collaboration. The 4th USM-ICOSS is a part of the School’s effort to showcase research activities and output to promote more intellectual collaborations with other researchers and practitioners outside of the School and Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Social work, Economics, Psychology, Political sciences, Anthropology and sociology

Call for Papers

Why do we need social sciences more than ever? In the 21st century, many global phenomena are elicited by humans compared to nature. If we look at the surrounding, the human touch can be seen everywhere, almost as prevalent as the influence of nature itself. Social scientists have worked together to explain the humanity since various philosophers such as Plato, Karl Marx, Ibn Khaldun took the initial steps. Now, social sciences have become one of the most influential bodies of knowledge that continue to investigate, theorise and shape human society. We are going through an unprecedented global socio-economic and health crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has  created devastating social, economic, psychological and political effects that will leave deep and longstanding scars. Despite the pandemic, it is significant to explore how people come together to survive and to keep moving forward in this challenging time. To address the current global COVID-19 pandemic issue, the current conference aims at highlighting the current works and research of various social scientific fields that include (but not limited to): developmental studies, economics, political science, psychology, social work, sociology and anthropology. This conference provides a platform for researchers, students and practitioners alike to share and exchange ideas for the betterment of the society  during and post-pandemic era.


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