CNS 2020

3rd International Conference on Central Nervous System and Therapeutics 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands
25 - 26 March 2020
The conference ended on 26 March 2020

Important Dates

Early Bird Deadline
8th February 2020
Abstract Submission Deadline
10th February 2020
Abstract Acceptance Notification
10th February 2020
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
10th February 2020

About CNS 2020

After the grand success of CNS 2019, We enthusiastically and expectantly invites you all for the “3rd International Conference on Central Nervous System and Therapeutics” which is scheduled to be held on March 25-26, 2020, at Amsterdam, Netherlands with the theme “Reviving Innovations in Treatment of CNS Disorders”.


Neuoscience, Neurological disorders & stroke, Neurodegenerative disorders, Neurosurgery

Call for Papers

Central Nervous system(CNS) plays a major role in awareness,movements, sensations, thoughts, speech and memory. It is responsible forintegrating sensory information and responding accordingly. The spinal cord serves as a conduitfor signals between the brain and the rest of thebody. It also controls simple musculoskeletal reflexes without input from the brain.The disorders thataffect the brain and spinalcord are known as CNS Disorders. The global CNS therapeuticmarket is expected to reach USD 128.9 billion by 2025. The main aim of this CNS conference is tounderstand the parts of CNS andtheir disorders. CNS Conference | CNS Conferences | CNS Events | CNS SummitCNS | CNS Gathering | CNS Forum |  CNS Council |CNS meetings | CNS DisordersConferencesCentral Nervous System SummitNeurology ConferencesNeuroscience ConferenceNeurological Disorders Conference

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