2nd International Conference on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2019

Edison NJ, United States
1 - 5 April 2019
The conference ended on 05 April 2019

Important Dates

Early Bird Deadline
31st January 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline
15th March 2019
Abstract Acceptance Notification
20th March 2019
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
25th March 2019

About UNSDGC2019

This conference focuses on bringing experts and professionals as well as Groups, Nonprofits and Private Sector players together to evaluate progresses made so far in the road towards achieving Sustainable Development across the world. Participants will critically review progress reports at Local, State, National and International levels towards the SDGs. Challenges mitigating developing countries from full achievement of the SDGs will also be discussed with the intention of adopting those novel approaches used by the developed world to scale up Social impacts in these developing countries. Technical collaborations will also be established during this event.


Green energy, Poverty alleviation, United nations, Sustainable development goals (sdgs), Women empowerment, Gender equality, Healthcare, Social entrepreneurship, Nonprofits

Call for Papers

Participants wishing to make speech and poster presentations on topical issues during the conference are encouraged to indicate their interests on time to enable us enlist them in the Program Time table which is currently being drafted. They will be required to submit a one page Abstract presentation and their Curriculum Vitae which should not be more than 4 pages. All Abstracts should be sent in MS Word or PDF formats to UNSDGconference@usa.com.

Some of the thematic areas that will be focused on during this event are listed below:
  • Implementing SDGs: actors and policies needed and barriers to overcome. 
  • Quadruple helix: needed collaboration between all actors for implementing SDGs.
  • The different levels of governing and implementing SDGs: global, national and local. 
  • Smart and sustainable cities and metropolis: where 2/3 of the world’s population live. 
  • Designing the future: a new society and a new economy? 
  • Developing countries and SDGs. Can SDGs be implemented? 
  • SDGs at the heart of the knowledge society. 
  • SDGs and social engagement. 
  • The intersection between humanities, science, technology and SDGs. 
  • Responsible Research and Innovation and research ethics.    
  • Educating citizens in skills and competences related with SDGs. Which education institutions for which societies?
  • Women Empowerment & Wealth Creation
  • Gender Equality
  • Women in Business 
  • HIV and Aids prevention and treatment
  • Child development
  • Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Priority Public Health issues 
  • Child Abuse 
  • Social Inclusion 
  • Women and Gender equality 
  • Women and Sex Education 
  • Health Improvement 
  • Globalization
  • Peace and Security  
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child Labor
  • Human Rights Protection.
  • Gender based Violence Against Women
  • Climate Change
  • Safe Environment
  • Employment 
  • Global Security against terrorism

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