ISEAE 2024

2024 6th International Conference on Information Science, Electrical and Automation Engineering(ISEAE 2024)

wuhan, China
19 - 21 April 2024
2 days since the conference ended

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
12th April 2024

About ISEAE 2024

2024 6th International Conference on Information Science, Electrical and Automation Engineering(ISEAE 2024) will be held on April 19-21,2024 in Wuhan, China. The discussion mainly focuses on the research fields of "information technology", "electronic engineering and automation", etc. It aims to provide an international cooperation and exchange platform for experts, scholars and researchers in this field to freely share research results, discuss existing problems and explore cutting-edge technology. Scholars at home and abroad are welcome to contribute and attend the conference.


Semiconductor engineering, Semiconductors, Power semiconductors, Semiconductor devices, • semiconductor materials and nanostructures, Organic semiconductors, Semiconductor technology, Electronics and nanoelectronics, Integrated optics, Optoelectronics and photovoltaic devices

Call for Papers

【Call for Papers】(Include but not limited to the following topics: http://iseae.org/call_for_paper) (1) Information science information processing Optical communication Wireless communication technology Database management system Logic programming machine learning natural language processing software engineering Digital Signal Processing (DSP) radar signal processing Sonar signal processing and positioning Speech and audio coding image processing Multimedia and human-computer interaction Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network Bioinformatics Biometric Identification and Authentication data mining (2) Electrical Engineering and Automation Electric vehicle technology New motor and its intelligent control technology Electric machinery and electrical equipment electromagnetic compatibility Electrical and photoelectric materials Mechatronics and Robotics Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility Power System and Automation Electromagnetics of Electrical Materials Control Theory and Application of Optoelectronics Automation technology Intelligent system sensors Embedded system flexible manufacturing system Fuzzy and nervous system Instrumentation and vibration control Intelligent and AI based control Nonlinear Systems and Control 【Submission and Attending】 #Submission Method: 1. Thesis should be original, written in English, not a pure review article, and the full text should be submitted for review. * If you need translation services, please contact the secretary teacher of the conference. 2. The author can check duplicates at his own expense through CrossCheck, Turnitin or other query systems, otherwise the author will be responsible for the rejected manuscript caused by the article repetition rate. The duplication checking rate should not exceed 20%. Papers suspected of plagiarism will not be published and will be published on the conference homepage. 3. Please go to the conference website to download the template typesetting, and the papers after typesetting shall not be less than 4 pages. The notice for submission is provided for download along with the paper template. Please read the notice carefully before paying for registration. https://www.ais.cn/attendees/material/ QEV3EM 4. Please submit your paper through the online submission system: https://www.ais.cn/attendees/paperSubmit/QEV3EM

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