2020 International conference on Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry

Guilin, China
13 - 15 November 2020
20 days until the conference begins

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
6th November 2020
Abstract Acceptance Notification
6th November 2020
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
6th November 2020

About CCPC2020

It’s our pleasure to announce that 2020 International Conference on Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry (CCPC 2020) will be held from November 13 to 15 in Guilin, China. CCPC 2020 dedicates to create a platform for academic communications between specialists and scholars in the fields of Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry. The conference will create a path to establish a research relation for the authors and listeners with opportunities for collaboration and networking among the universities and institutions for promoting research and developing technologies.


Catalysis, Polymer chemistry

Call for Papers

Principle of catalytic synthesis of fine chemicals

Theoretical simulation of catalytic reaction

Theory and mechanism of catalysis 

Catalytic cracking 

Industrial Catalysis            


Asymmetric catalysis            

Organic catalysis            

Bionic catalysis             

Environmental Catalysis            

High throughput catalysis            

Plasma catalysis            

Catalyst design            

Catalyst characterization            

Preparation and characterization of catalyst            

Catalytic new reaction            

Catalytic technology innovation            

Catalytic method and technology            

A breakthrough in catalysis            

Theory, calculation and model of polymer

Structure and Characterization of Polymers

Macromolecular structure and supermolecule

Bio-Related and Medical Polymers

Functional and Advanced Polymers

Magnetic and Ferroelectric Polymers

Optically Active Polymers

Shape Memory Polymers

Photoelectric functional polymer

Energy polymer

Polymeric Nanomaterials and Nanostructured Polymers

Polymer industry

Polymer electrochemistry

Polymer physical chemistry

Polymer matrix composite

Polymer Solutions, Gels and Complex Fluids

Polymerization Kinetics and Mechanisms

Application of polymers

Electroactive Polymers and Polymer Actuators

Chemical Modifications of Natural and Synthetic Polymers

Other related topics

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