ESEPM 2020

2020 4th International Conference on Environmental Science, Energy Planning and Management (ESEPM 2020)

hunan, China
18 - 20 December 2020
59 days until the conference begins

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
9th October 2020
Abstract Acceptance Notification
9th October 2020
Final Abstract / Full Paper Deadline
9th October 2020

About ESEPM 2020

The 2020 4th International Conference on Environmental Science, Energy Planning and Management (ESEPM 2020) [第四届环境科学、能源规划与管理国际学术会议] will be held on December 18-20, 2020 in Zhangjiajie, China. ESEPM 2020 is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of environmental science, energy planning and management to a common forum. 


Environmental science, Energy planning and management

Call for Papers

【Call for Papers】

Topics of interests are in the broad areas of Environmental Science, Energy Planning and Management, including but not limited to:

(I) Environmental Science

Air Pollution Monitor Climate Change and Global Warming

Control of Groundwater Pollution

Water Quality Monitoring

Sewage Treatment and Utilization

Remote Sensing and Environment

Hydrobiology and Water Pollution

Environmental Pollution Risk Assessment

Environmental chemistry

Environment Pollution and Management

Environmental Protection Engineering

Noise and Acoustics

Industrial Waste tTreatment

Atmospheric Environment

Water Environment

Electromagnetic Wave and Telecommunication

Soil Environment

Regional Environment

Urban Environment

Environmental Remediation Engineering

Environmental Quality Monitoring and Assessment

Chemical Pollutants and Its Influence On Health


(II) Energy Science and Engineering

Renewable Energy

Nuclear energy

Secondary energy

Steam Power



Energy System Engineering

Energy Science and Technology

Energy Economy

Environmental Impact of Energy Consumption

Sustainable Energy Policy

Wind power generation and utilization

Bio-energy technologies

Waste products as fuel

Power Generation

Hydropower technologies and applications

Thermal power technologies and applications

Safe nuclear energy generation and utilization

Power system management technologies

Integrated substation automation technologies

Geothermal and tidal wave energy

Photovoltaic for solar power application

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