ICR 2019

1st International Conference on Robotics 2019

Colombo, Sri Lanka
9 - 10 May 2019
The conference ended on 10 May 2019

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline
15th February 2019
Early Bird Deadline
15th March 2019

About ICR 2019

1st International Conference on Robotics (ICR 2019) will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 9th – 10th May 2019. Robotics Conference 2019 (ICR 2019) will provide this international forum for experts in academia, industry, and government to discuss their new ideas, research results, applications and experience in all aspects of Robotics Technologies. Robotics Conference 2019 (ICR 2019) enriched with the renowned keynote speaker, plenary speeches, oral presenters, e-posters and workshops showcasing new learning and researchers about Robotics Industry.


Autonomous robotics, Mobile robotics, Intelligent robot systems, Marine robotics, Robotics and human-computer interaction track 3: bioinformatics, • artificial intelligence and robotics, Pediatric robotic nursing, Optimal control of networked robots, Robot advanced motion control, Robotics in service, Robotics in new markets & applications, Automation and robotics, Development of robotics, Evolutionary robotics, Robotics & iot, Robotics

Call for Papers

1st International Conference on Robotics (ICR 2019) will be held on 9th – 10th May 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are inviting (Call for Papers Robotics Conference) prospective authors and co-authors to send your proposals for presentations, interactive sessions, poster presentations and virtual presentations one of the themes or tracks that mentioned in our conference tracks. If your research paper or abstract is into robotics and artificial intelligence field and the area is not mentioned in our conference tracks you are welcome to submit your proposals (Call for Papers robotics conference) to the 1st International Conference on Robotics 2019.

ICR 2019 will bring together top researchers from Asia, Europe and around the world to exchange research results and speak open issues, new technologies in all aspects of Robotics Field.

  • Robot Design, Development
  • Motion Planning and Scheduling
  • Control and Supervision Systems
  • Micro and Nano Robots
  • Multiagent Systems
  • New Approaches in Robotics
  • Drones, Educational and Re habitation robots
  • Surveillance, Fault detection and Diagnosis
  • Human-Robots Interfaces
  • Space and Underwater Robots
  • Collective and Social Robots
  • Network Robotics
  • Perception and Awareness
  • Humanoid Robotics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence, Neuro control and Fuzzy control for Robotics
  • Robot intelligence and learning
  • Ethical issues
  • Entertainment and Security robotics
  • Medical and healthcare robotics
  • Robots and Automation
  • Sustainability, energy conservation, ecology
  • Agriculture, construction, industrial automation, manufacturing process
  • Space and Underwater Robots
  • Search and rescue robotics
Robotics Conference 2019 Chairman Dr. Laxmidhar Behera Professor Department of Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur India

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